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Urethane spray foam insulation

Energy Efficiency
Energy represents the single largest operating expense in an office property. In fact, reducing energy use by 30% is equivalent to increasing net operating income (NOI) and building asset value by 5%.v Wasteful amounts of energy that cut into profits are easily avoidable by implementing energy-efficient features like Icynene, which can save facility owners and managers as much as 50 percent every month.

Icynene was selected to insulate Rose Cherry’s Home, a hospice and respite center located in a biosphere reserve area in Ontario, Canada. Sustainable design and construction was the focus of this project. Urbana Architects Corporation (HOK Worldwide alliance partner) selected Icynene because it is a material that is respectful of the environmental and health considerations of the Home. Icynene’s air-sealing properties minimized random air leakage and allowed for the installation of a smaller, less expensive HVAC system. Although this facility requires a significantly higherthan- normal level of air changes per hour (6 ACH) to dilute and remove airborne contamination, an energy analysis demonstrated that HVAC operating costs amounted to 37% less than if the building was insulated with conventional Icynene allowed the builder to incorporate a smaller HVAC system that uses less energy to heat and cool the structure, resulting in initial savings of equipment costs as well as ongoing savings of utility costs.



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Urethane spray foam insulation

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