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Urethane foam insulation

Selecting an insulation material that supports your sustainable design efforts is a challenge. A truly “green” insulation will not only address the threats that originate from the external environment, such as air pollution and rising energy costs, but it will also support sustainable principles in the following ways:

Material Composition
As a green building product, Icynene is the ideal base for a healthy indoor environment. Recognized for improving air quality in homes across North America, Icynene uses water as its only blowing agent to create an environment free from harmful emissions in its cured form. Therefore, the material does not contribute to chemical contamination, which is a source for symptoms associated with sick building syndrome.

Material Use
Icynene supports a waste management strategy because it assumes two tasks: thermal insulation and air barrier. Icynene can help achieve an airtightness level of 0.1 air changes per hour at natural pressure (ACHnat) without the use of labor-intensive sealing materials, which would otherwise be required with the installation of conventional insulation.
In addition, Icynene’s open-celled structure allows any excess foam to be easily compacted, minimizing the impact on the waste stream. In one step and using less material,Icynene allows designers and builders to create a durable, airtight thermal envelope while supporting the principles of sustainable design and construction.

Environmental Impact
Some conventional insulation materials off-gas as time passes, which means that they eventually diminish in efficiency. Because Icynene does not off-gas in its cured form, it helps reduce the building’s annual operating emissions and maintains its efficiency with no loss of R-value. Icynene will provide total thermal comfort for its occupants today and for years to come. Selecting products that provide longevity will eliminate the need for the installation or re-installation of additional material in the future.



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Urethane foam insulation

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