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Building envelope performance
Design considerations come with very specific challenges that can’t be addressed with just any type of insulation. Traffic patterns, acoustic considerations, light sources, and aesthetic qualities barely scratch the surface. What about sweating ceilings, corrosion, moisture build-up, and inefficient heating and cooling systems? It takes a hydrophobic, third party tested insulation and air barrier system to get the job done right and with ease. The Icynene Insulation System® lets you design without compromise. Ideal for wood– or steel-framed construction, Icynene® delivers a perfect fit for any shaped cavity. Unlike batts, Icynene conforms to unusual geometry and provides a continuous, protective barrier that significantly reduces air leakage, minimizes airborne moisture transfer, and optimizes energy efficiency.

An insulation material that fails to control air leakage will be inadequate in resolving the associated health and economic concerns. Thermal performance, air quality, energy consumption, sound attenuation, and building durability are all negatively affected by uncontrolled air leakage. Integrating Icynene as part of a sustainable design strategy has proven to be an effective tool that allows design professionals to provide their clients with the advantages that come from a controlled environment.



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Spray Urethane Foam Insulation

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