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Spray Foam Attic insulation

Leaky ductwork and equipment in crawlspaces or unconditioned attics can draw in unhealthy air. Locating the ducts in conditioned space eliminates this problem and can reduce heating and cooling costs by 20 to 35 percent. Insulating and sealing the attic roofline with Icynene® soft foam insulation and air barrier system is a straightforward way of placing the system in conditioned space.

We sell energy efficiency to people who plan on living in their homes for the rest of their lives, so energy costs are an important consideration for their overall lifetime costs. Putting the ducts in conditioned space and insulating the attic roofline helps us cut our customers' energy costs.

The ductwork is hung in the conditioned attic, which is insulated with Icynene® sprayed foam.

Instead of putting the insulation in the attic floor, we put it up against the roof. That gives you a much more energy-efficient shell. By using Icynene® foam insulation, it completely seals everything, and it gives you more room to run ductwork on the attic floor.

This isn't difficult, but spraying Icynene® in the unvented attic's roofline to create conditioned space does change how the duct work should be hung and necessitates bringing make-up air into the home.

Investing in energy savings
Reduced HVAC requirements By insulating the attic and knee walls, you can downsize the mechanical unit by half a ton.
Saved money on duct board You can also save about on the cost of duct board by using 1" instead of 1-1/2" because the ducts are in a conditioned space.
Lower your energy costs by 20-30% allowing for payback of initial Icynene® investment "The cost to spray Icynene® along the attic roofline will be more than made up over time, because insulating the attic roofline and installing the ductwork in conditioned space will reduce total energy cost by 20 to 30 percent.”
Add usable attic space with a more comfortable ambient temperature for storage. Spraying the roofline also gives you some additional useable storage in the attic where the temperature is only 10 degrees above air-conditioned temperatures in the living areas. This helps solve a storage problem.

Improving durability and comfort
Sealed soffit vents for protection against high winds and moisture ingress. It will provide added protection against water infiltration.
Minimized condensation on ductwork and related problems like mold. It also keeps the hot, humid air in the summer from coming in contact with the ductwork or other cool parts of the building, which can cause condensation and then mold.
More comfortable temperature in the attic Instead of having attic temperatures in the 130-degree range, the attic temperature will be in the 80-90 degree range. In addition, by installing the insulation in the roof early on, you're also keeping the temperature more stable inside while working.



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Spray Foam Attic insulation

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