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Icynene and Your Home

Selecting the right insulation is a task that is often overlooked. However, your choice of insulation has a major impact not only on your pocketbook, but also on the long-term quality of the air you breathe and your overall health and comfort.

Whether you're thinking of remodeling or purchasing a new home, Icynene® helps you address concerns like indoor air quality, energy conservation and noise pollution. Icynene® is 100% water-blown and forms a complete air barrier to help protect the home's occupants from moisture-related problems (like mold and mildew) and airborne germs. Its air-sealing properties create a draft-free environment that offers long-term payback for energy savings of up to 50%. Not to mention, you will live in a quieter home by reducing unwanted noises for better quality of life.

Icynene Healthy Home
Suitable for all types of residential construction and remodeling, Icynene® was the selected insulation for the ALA “Health Houses” in six states, including Florida, Washington, Oregon, Iowa, Michigan and Minnesota. Icynene has been selected in these homes to seal the building envelope for increased energy efficiency and improved indoor air quality.

Health House® is a national education program created by the American Lung Association (ALA) of Minnesota to raise the standards for better indoor environments.

Icynene Healthy Home
Woodbury, Minnesota was the demonstration site for ALA's 2002 Health House, which incorporated The Icynene Insulation System® as part of the design. This custom built home was the first in the nation to follow the newly revised builder guidelines developed by the American Lung Association Health House program. The goal was to build a healthier, more energy efficient and durable structure than houses built using traditional construction methods. Icynene was selected to be part of the design because it is an insulation and air barrier that delivers health benefits for building occupants and the environment.

Your Energy Savings with Icynene Foam Insulation

With escalating energy prices, it's no wonder why almost 90% of homeowners are demanding energy efficient features. And, Icynene® is the most rewarding insulation option because it offers a constant payback for ongoing energy savings. Once installed, Icynene continues to work for you by paying you back on your investment. As a complete insulation and air barrier, Icynene minimizes air leakage in the home, which allows for HVAC equipment rightsizing so you can save on initial equipment costs and ongoing utility costs. This can result in savings of up to 50% every month in energy costs versus conventional insulation.The Appraisal Journal conducted studies that demonstrate the increasing value a home garners by becoming more energy efficient. Including energy efficient upgrades as part of your home improvements can increase the value of your home by approximately $20 for every $1 reduction in annual utility bills.

With Icynene's exclusive 31-Day Payback Formula, we can help you calculate the cost of the Icynene system versus traditional insulation options. This formula takes into account all of the variables that impact the efficiency of insulation, so you can make a more accurate comparison. When considering all other costs associated with creating an airtight thermal envelope, you will see that Icynene is the preferred insulation that guarantees a more energy efficient home.



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Icynene and Your Home

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