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Icynene GOLD SEAL 400

With Icynene GOLD SEAL 400® No Project is too Small to Incorporate Sustainability

GOLD SEAL 400® is a new, portable, soft foam insulation and air-sealing dispensing system that makes it more convenient than ever to incorporate sustainability into new construction or renovations. Icynene developed GOLD SEAL 400® to extend the benefits of their soft foam system for use in an even greater number of applications. The GOLD SEAL 400® foam insulation kit is a fast, efficient and effective way to insulate and air-seal those hard to reach and irregular areas. GOLD SEAL is professionally installed by Beicker Insulation to ensure proper installation and optimal performance.

A few examples of the many uses for GOLD SEAL 400®:

Icynene Insulating and air-sealing around doors and windows. Sills and jambs are not distorted.
Icynene Touching up small areas that have undergone repairs
Icynene Insulating and air-sealing rim joist areas
Icynene Insulating and air-sealing cracks and penetrations in the building envelope
Icynene Sound dampening in plumbing run

GOLD SEAL 400® has been adapted from the original Icynene formula, yet still delivers the same advantage – a Healthier, Quieter, More Energy Efficient® environment. This soft, flexible foam expands to 100 times its initial volume within seconds to fill in every crack or crevice and around every electrical box and duct, while remaining flexible so that the integrity of the building envelope seal remains intact over time. The foam permanently retains its flexibility so that it can move with the substrate without cracking or pulling away.

Now, no project is too small with the GOLD SEAL 400® portable soft foam insulation system from Icynene. Contact Us to learn more.

Learn more about Icynene's Portable Expanding Soft Foam Insulation Dispensing System - GOLD SEAL 400®

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Icynene GOLD SEAL 400

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