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Icynene A Green Product

Many buildings constructed within the last decade have already experienced major failures due to water damage and air leakage across the building envelope that caused condensation and mold growth. Now, building scientists are emphasizing the benefits of using effective air barriers for homeowners and trades. Air barriers significantly reduce random air leakage, conserving up to 40 percent of a building's energy loss and improving indoor air quality, when combined with mechanical ventilation. Air barriers also extend the life of a building by minimizing the flow of airborne moisture that can breed condensation, mold growth and decay.

Icynene delivers high-performance solutions for efficient building envelopes, thermal comfort and a healthy living environment – all of which are integral components of green building and design.

In evaluating Icynene® as a “Green” product, we have compared the properties of the product against the evaluation criteria of the Environmental Building News, a leading newsletter on environmentally responsible design and construction, and GreenSpec product standards. Icynene® falls within many of the defining categories and criteria that determine the environmental-soundness of a product.


1. Building components that reduce heating and cooling loads.

2. Products that reduce material use.

3. Impact on the environment.

4. Products that do not release significant pollutants into the building.

5. Products that block the introduction, development, or spread of indoor contaminants.

6. Products that reduce the impact of renovations.

7. Products with recycled content.

8. Embedded energy costs.



1. Icynene®, because it is an effective insulation and an air barrier system, can reduce energy consumption by up to 50% versus other insulation.

2. Installing Icynene® allows for:

  • rightsizing of the HVAC equipment
  • elimination of electrical box gaskets
  • elimination of air barrier materials
  • reduction in tape, caulk, and glue

3. Icynene® contains no CFCs, no HCFCs, no HFAs, no formaldehyde, nor volatile organic compounds.

4. Independent tests have confirmed that Icynene® emits no harmful emissions.

5. Icynene®, by air sealing the building envelope, controls condensation caused by infiltrating moist/humid air and the resulting molds and mildews. The air seal also prevents outside pollution, dust, and allergens from entering the building.

6. The pour fill variation of The Icynene Insulation System® can be installed in the wall cavities of older homes, that contain no insulation, via small 1/2” holes drilled in the wall. There is no need to rip out existing plaster or sheetrock.

7. Icynene® is not made from recycled material.

8. Like all insulation, Icynene® requires energy for its creation. It is an organic by-product of the petroleum distillation process. The energy required to transport Icynene® is relatively low versus the amount of insulation delivered. The amount of insulation needed for a 2,000 sq.ft. house can be shipped in 2 drums (55 gallons each). One transport truck can deliver enough Icynene® insulation for 38 homes of 2,000 sq.ft.



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Icynene A Green Product

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