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Garage Door Insulation

Make your garage an extra room in your home

Rooms that offer homeowners desirable additional space, like the bonus room over the garage, are often uncomfortable because they're either too hot or too cold. Icynene adheres to any construction material and forms a complete seal to minimize air infiltration so that, combined with proper mechanical ventilation, you can maintain an equally comfortable temperature in every room.

Make your house healthier with the wall between the house and the garage filled with Icynene® foam to keep carbon monoxide and other toxins from entering the house. By insulating the interior partitions with Icynene®, your house will also be quieter.

Rooms Adjacent To Attached Garage Problems
Problems associated with rooms adjacent to an attached garage include:
Uncomfortable temperatures.
Surface staining.
Poor indoor air quality, especially if the rooms is attached to a garage where a car or chemicals are stored.
Pest infiltration, such as spiders or other insects. If there are air holes, pests can get into interior spaces.

Solutions for fixing problems related to rooms adjacent to an attached garage include:
Insulate with Icynene® between connecting spaces.
If there is room, insulate the area next to the garage with Icynene® — code permitting. It's better to insulate this area with Icynene® insulation rather than using plywood or drywall only.
Icynene® is perfect to use for insulating and sealing Bonus Rooms.

Separate breathing air from pollutants you can't eliminate.
Air-seal adjoining walls and ceilings between the living space and:
Combustion furnaces and HW heaters
Combustion closets
Chemical storage areas



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Garage Door Insulation

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